The R.O.B.I.N.

                                          New release....June, 2014




The R.O.B.I.N, acronym for remotely operated broadband intelligent network device. The R.O.B.I.N. is the most sophisticated audio and visual intelligence gathering device ever created combined with assassination capability never before known. A "nano" drone the size of a common housefly, the R.O.B.I.N is stolen by terrorist and the lot falls to Agent Chris Lee of the National Security Intelligence Services to find the terrorist and save the United States and the world.


Chapter 1

15:00 hrs. May 25, 2014, National Research Lab Washington, D.C.


   Alec joined in the laughter of the other lab techs, even though he hated being the brunt of their jokes and pranks. “Okay, you boneheads, cut out the playing and get back to work.” Frank said authoritatively. “And, Bren, please put the R.O.B.I.N away. It is not a toy.”

“But we have so much fun with it.” Bren whined. Being the only female on the team, she was quite good at using her gender to get away with things the guys would be reprimanded for, but in this case, she did as she was told and used her computer to bring the R.O.B.I.N back to its nesting spot on her lab table.

She landed it perfectly, picked it up and placed it in the secure lock box, which she then placed in the safe. She turned back to her lab table without closing the door to the safe.

Suddenly the door to the lab burst open and four masked men, clothed in black, brandishing weapons entered. Frank lunged toward his desk, but a well-placed shot from one of the assailants stopped him in his tracks. Alec and the other three male techs were backed up against the wall with their hands in the air. Bren was frozen in position at her lab desk, screaming loudly. One of the assailants grasped Bren by her hair and pushed her toward the safe.

“Get the R.O.B.I.N out of the safe.” He ordered, as he held a handgun to her head. Bren complied with his order. “Now, get your laptop.” He ordered.  Doing what she was told, Bren awaited his next instruction. “Go. Out the door, out the door, now!” He yelled loudly.

All of the assailants went out the door, but the last of the armed men stopped and turned. A hail of automatic gunfire erupted as Alec and the other techs were rendered silent about what had just occurred.

The assailants, along with Bren, cautiously made their way to a van parked at the back of the Biotech lab building. Along the way, Bren saw two bodies of the security detail, assigned to protect the lab, lying in blood pools, with lacerations to their throats. The door to the side of the van was opened by a fifth armed assailant. A sixth waited in the driver’s seat.

The van sped off toward the main gate, where a security guard attempted to stop the van. Another hail of bullets and the van crashed through the barriers and headed toward the freeway. Once outside the gate, the assailants began to remove their mask, grinning and laughing, proud of the accomplishment of their mission.